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Roadrunner Services is the only national provider of local driveaway transportation services and staffing solutions for auto auctions and dealerships. From commencing operations at Manheim New Mexico in 2011, Roadrunner has since grown to over 70 locations throughout U.S. and Canada.


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Benefits of Outsourcing

Increased auction profit with the transfer of existing transportation department employees to Roadrunner’s payroll. This covers all wages, payroll taxes and overtime plus worker’s compensation and payroll processing /administration costs.

Roadrunner provides an experienced, dedicated manager to work hand-in-hand with auction staff, making sure vehicle pickups and deliveries are executed in the most timely, professional and efficient way possible.

Reduced exposure as Roadrunner assumes all liability and collision risk in the event of an accident. Umbrella coverage applies to employees, customers, and property damage alike.

Increased profit as we grow the delivery segment of the business in cooperation with the auction, where a commission arrangement may be established. Roadrunner assumes responsibility (gas or oil) for all transportation vehicles and may purchase auction’s existing vans at fair market value, if desired.

Roadrunner assumes responsibility for all aspects of billing, whether to the auction or dealers. The burden of maintaining and collecting dealer A/R on transportation related charges goes away.

Typically, drive service employees also drive vehicles through the auction on sale days. This practice can continue at very favorable rates. Roadrunner is also able to provide lot workers on an as needed basis.

Roadrunner will maintain proper licensing and plates as required, and will likewise set-up an office provided by the auction, with the necessary equipment.

Auctions have found our rates to be highly competitive, and even cheaper than doing it themselves when all factors are considered. Our best advocates are our customers, and we encourage you to make an inquiry of someone you know as indicated on the Roadrunner map.


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Great Department Efficiency

Limited Transportation Mistakes


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Roadrunner performs a great drive away service for us, fast and on time. The drivers are friendly and professional. Plus, the rates are very competitive. Definitely recommended!
Auto drive away service testimonial 1
Mike Anderson
Operations Manager at Carmax
Roadrunner has been our trusted partner for more than a decade. Our inventory turnover rate increased over the years due to the efficiency provided by RoadRunner staff. We expect more years to come for our long-term partnership.
Auto drive away service testimonial 3
Patrick Brennan
Senior Vice President Marketplace at Manheim Auctions
The drivers from Roadrunner are well trained and they always show up on time and make safe delivery, especially during this difficult time. Our clients are very happy with their services, so are we!
Auto drive away service testimonial 2
Summer Ernsberger
VP of Sales and Operations at ADESA


Roadrunner is affiliated with Direct Automotive Services, the largest provider of auction services in the nation. Other affiliated businesses include AuctionTires Online, Direct Reconditioning, Labor on Loan, Quick Car Keys, Roadrunner Vehicle Inspectors, Vehicle Ready Services, and Waldo Driveaway.


Our trusted partners include car auctions, car dealerships, and car rental companies. We believe the best drive away service is the foundation of long-term partnerships. The satisfaction with our service from our partners are what make who we are. 

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